The sudden arrival of the COVID — 19 pandemic blindsided most of the world, a world where in person OR face-to-face communication was a usual and essential part of everyday life. Uninvited and without warning, just like a party crasher, it broke the whole system and changed everything. Businesses that previously based all their operations and services on physical accessibility through things such as trade shows, business fair’s, in person meeting’s, faced a new challenge; to adapt or close.


The old and trusted lines of communications now either completely cut off, or vastly reformed, many businesses looked for new, COVID- oriented ways to reach their audiences and loyal customers. Almost overnight, many businesses that had never considered stepping foot into the realm of digital marketing, now jostled to launch various e-commerce channels, creating social media campaigns establishing their presence on the online market by building essential and comprehensive websites that helped engage and raw in their prospective audiences.

With the flood of new audiences, consumers as well as businesses, in the digital sphere, brands are battling heavily for consumer attention and its retention, even if a direct sale isn’t offered. In order to cut through all the distracting chatter and stand out from competitors, a multifaceted and extremely innovative and creative digital marketing strategy is KEY.


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Here are a 3 simple yet KEY reasons to turn to digital marketing amidst this pandemic!


    One key reason behind the success of digital marketing is that it is comparatively less expensive and much more result oriented than the most other modes of marketing. The pandemic has taken a toll on the finances of all businesses and no company is entering 2021 unscarred. So, cost-saving channels are an essential and top priority for all businesses.

                                      Digital marketing is profitable because it yields a high ROI (return on investment) and has immensely increased the scope and reach of audiences.  And yet for a modest budget, businesses can get a pulse on the effectiveness of their sales strategies through digital marketing metrics. Marketing strategies and processes can be tweaked to your preferences as well as current underlying situations without a significant setback in budget.  


    Another key reason behind the importance and helpfulness of digital marketing and why it will not strain the budget in 2021 is that there are multiple aspects and elements to it. Companies will benefit from a whole dignified team of digital marketing professionals because they have a wide repertory of means to attract and keep an audience, such as content marketing, banner creation, e-mail marketing and as we explained earlier, key element social media marketing. So, digital marketing will be benefit a growing business in ways you can’t think of because it packs in multiple modes in one campaign.


                                    Since there is no factual news on when a COVID-19 vaccine will be available for the people, many of us are likely to continue to work from home and most people will be going out much less frequently than before. Millennials and Gen-Z are sure to be spending a large portion of their day engulfed in social media. Now digital marketing is all about how we use exactly that to our businesses advantage. So, instead of billboard advertisements, we as companies will have to promote ourselves on social media and create a buzz on a platform that we know has everyone’s undivided attention and presence.


             Across sectors, companies are relying more and more on social media because it is a super-effective and highly profitable digital marketing strategy in this new day and age. Social media can help draw the attention of prospective customers and successfully manage to convert them to leads. In 2021, social media can find new audiences for businesses to re-engage and re-establish their rapport with their customers from earlier times.


              The importance of digital marketing for businesses becomes evident because digital marketing executives are highly focused and skilled and can figure out the latest social media trends and know how to use those to your advantage and bring you the recognition and sales you deserve. In 2021, Digital marketing analysts can help businesses by keeping track of every new feature and update added to s various Social media platforms, generate ideas to attract customers and help boost and promote posts in a way to appeal to the target audience and thereby grow their business in ways that go beyond one’s thinking.