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About Us

Digital Vinra is a detail oriented Digital Marketing Agency that designs, builds, and manages cutting-edge social campaigns for companies around the world. Based in Bangalore, we’re dedicated to serving our clients with personalized creative campaigns that focus on tapping into big data to hit big goals.

Digital Vinra was built to do digital marketing the right way. We are an agency that does business with honesty and integrity — which means we provide the best-in-class digital marketing for the  best-in-class companies.

Regardless of the size of a client, we deliver marketing solutions that focus on the metrics and results that matter most for performance, growth and profitability. We do it with a distinctive and unique team that combines a progressive entrepreneurial mind-set, a special knack for creative solutions, and an unmatched analytical and technical detailed capability. The end result is a forward-thinking crew that helps companies achieve a brighter future and reach their vision.

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Most frequent questions and answers

It certainly. In adapting to all platforms and displays, published digital marketing work is planned and optimised to be sensitive.

Most certainly, of course. Digital Vinra’s creative team of writers, art directors and graphic designers work with digital Vinra digital marketing specialists to plan, write, create, publish and manage the entire digital marketing cycle with the aim of informing, engaging and driving customer traffic.

In the questionnaire you fill out, we learn more about your target audience, your social presence, the Digital theme that will suit your services and any other specific preferences. The strategy we are developing for you will specify the exact and intricate approach to digital marketing that we will use for your business.

Digital marketing is currently the most preferred marketing technique because we live in a tech-savvy environment and almost every aspect of business is based online in one form or another. To remain competitive with others, setting up a website and a social profile is not enough, as it requires a strong online presence and digital marketing.

The expert team of Digital Vinra is selected by hand as a good wine. With some of our senior staff in the digital space reaching 5 years and others awarded for campaign results,You can be assured that your promotions and company can only be managed by the best and most professional digital marketers.. We combine smart technological solutions with fine, old-fashioned tactics and innovative thinking. This is not our greatest strength; our employees are our family. We still aspire to be better than we had yesterday with a digital breath. That’s what makes us the preferred digital marketing company in Bangalore.

When it comes to digital transformation, collaboration with the best digital marketing consultant in Bangalore is key; and when it comes to developing a strategy, a digital marketing consultant can be an integral player, ensuring that the organisation has the insights and resources needed to keep up with new digital trends.

The key performance indicators we look at for Digital marketing are new subscribers, open-rate, click-through-rates, and conversions. We will carefully measure and evaluate these metrics monthly to optimize for conversions. Keeping all social verticals updated regularly works more wonders than you know!

The digital marketing agency will take care of your brand’s online presence and needs for digital marketing. Depending on your preferences and your contract, they can help you manage your social media accounts by posting attractive organic content and also by running paid campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn.

They can also help your website rank higher on Google Search Result Pages (SERP)

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