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How To Increase Your Facebook Organic Reach

How To Increase Your Facebook Organic Reach

Facebook’s organic reach is down, and it’s a lot harder for fans or followers to see your posts these days.

But it’s not impossible.

And today we are going to walk through what organic reach is, why it’s in decline, the biggest tips you can use to increase your Facebook organic reach on your business page, and the things you need to stay away from that will hurt your reach.

Let’s get this post started by defining organic reach.

What is Organic Reach?
Organic reach is simply the number of people you can reach for free on Facebook by posting to your page.

You can find this data by looking at your Facebook Business Page insights. Organic reach is a yellowish color, while paid reach shows up orange.

Facebook organic reach insights

Why is Facebook’s Organic Reach in Decline?
There are two reasons behind this:

1. Competition

This is probably the biggest reason.

There are over 2 billion monthly active users on Facebook and over 90 billion businesses. So not only are you competing with other businesses for a spot in the news feed, you also have to compete with a user’s friends and family.

With over 30 billion pieces of content published every month on Facebook, Facebook has a decision to make on what content makes it into the newsfeed. Which is a great Segway into reason number two?

2. The way Facebook’s Algorithm works

Rather than showing all content, Facebook’s News Feed shows each person on Facebook the content that’s most relevant to them.

As an example, out of 1,500+ posts a person might see when they log onto Facebook, the News Feed will display approximately 300. That means a user doesn’t see about 80% of posts meant for them. Ouch.

So how does Facebook decide if a post is high quality?

It is engagement!

Posts that are more likely to get likes, shares, comments, and positive sentiment, will be shown more often in the newsfeed.

Now we know we said there were only two reasons, but we think there is a secret reason that Facebook won’t mention, and that is cream.


Yes, cream.

It was a sunny day in 1993, when the great Wu-tang eloquently stated for the first time that Cash Rules Everything Around Me.

If businesses can’t reach their Facebook audience organically, they have to pay for ads. And ads make Facebook money, who at the end-of-the-day is a for-profit company.

Don’t tell Mark we said it though!

Now that we know the reasons Facebook’s organic reach is down, let’s get to the solutions that your business can implement today to make a huge impact on your reach.

Ways On How to Increase Your Facebook Organic Reach
Here are our top 3 ways you can increase your Facebook organic reach:

1. The first thing you can do to boost your organic reach is to post more videos on Facebook.

In 2016, Mark Zuckerberg claimed that Facebook could be mostly video by 2021 and we are definitely seeing the effects. In a recent Social Bakers study, they found that videos reach 135% more users organically than images.

Facebook average organic reach

But Facebook doesn’t just want you to post any video to their platform, they want you to post native videos.

Native videos mean those videos that are directly uploaded to Facebook and not via a share from a third-party such as YouTube.

According to Search Engine Journal, native videos reach 2x more people, receive 3x more shares, and get 7x more engagement.Facebook native videos

In short, if you are going to post a video to Facebook, make it native.

Here are a few tips for better video posts:

a. Add captions to your videos. 85% of Facebook users watch videos with the sound off.

b. Create an engaging thumbnail. Like on YouTube, your thumbnail can be the deciding factor whether someone watches.

c. Grab attention in the first 5 seconds of the video via motion. Videos can auto-play and be muted, so you have to have a pattern interrupt included that will stop someone from scrolling.

2. The second thing you can do to boost your organic reach is to increase your post frequency.

The more content you post, the more opportunities you have to reach your followers.

The caveat though is to increase frequency without decreasing quality.

The algorithm still favors posts that Facebook deems high-quality – aka posts that are more likely to get engagement.

3. The third thing you can do to boost your organic reach is to have your followers add you as a Favorite.

Most people don’t know this but followers can actually select to “Favorite” the businesses they like the most so that their posts show up higher in their news feed.

Here’s how they can do this:

Facebook follower settings

They visit your page
Tap the 3 dots on the top right
Click Follower Settings
And Click “Favorites” under the “News Feed” Category.
This will instantly give you a boost in reach by letting the algorithm know your posts are important to them. Encourage your followers to adjust their follower setting for your business so you show up in their news feeds.

3. The third thing you can do to boost your organic reach is to boost your post.

We mentioned before that Facebook favors posts that get engagement. A quick way to get engagement on a post is to advertise it to your followers and to people who have not heard of your brand at all.

A share or tag that comes from a boosted post automatically increases the organic reach of that post as organic users start to see it and share, comment, and like it as well – leading to other organic users seeing it – and the process repeating itself.

We’d suggest having a budget set aside to boost your posts but to not blow the entire budget on one post or two posts.

Instead come up with a system where you boost a certain amount of posts per week for a certain amount per month.

This strategy will help you to continue to reach more of your followers, introduce your brand to a new audience and amplify your overall reach.

Things to Avoid That Will Hurt Your Reach
Those are the three things to do to help your organic reach. On the other hand, here are three things to avoid as they negatively impact your organic reach.

1. The first thing to avoid is something Facebook calls Like-baiting.

Facebook advertising statistics

“Like-baiting” is when a post explicitly asks for a like, comment or share which results in an unnatural increase in reach.

Here’s a blatant example of Like-baiting and something you should not do:

Facebook has said that posts containing baiting will not be shown more prominently than other posts but pages that are genuinely trying to encourage discussion among their fans, and focuses will not be affected.

The call-to-action for your content strategy is to encourage discussion but it’s not ok to blatantly attempt to get engagement without providing value via the post.

2. The second thing to avoid is posting content that has been posted by others repeatedly.

We’ve all seen a post on Facebook that has been re-posted by what seems like everyone.

post ideas

If you are looking to use this strategy, think again.

Facebook de-emphasize Pages that continue to post content that has been posted repeatedly.

The call to action for your content strategy is that originality can help you reach audiences, copying won’t. Literally.

Aim to create high-quality and original content at all times.

3. The last thing to avoid is links that are considered spammy.

Spammy links are links that lead people from Facebook to a website that is mostly ads or unoriginal content and ads.

Posts that contain links that do not provide value to those who click will perform poorly in the newsfeed.

The call-to-action for your content strategy is to only link to original and helpful content within your posts when including links.

So there you have it, an overview of Facebook Organic Reach and the Do’s and Don’ts to help you increase your organic reach.

Let’s recap so you can get started increasing your reach immediately!

First, we learned that organic reach is simply the number of people you can reach for free on Facebook by posting to your page. This is something you can find by looking at your Facebook Business Page insights.

Next, we learned that Facebook’s organic reach is declining for two reasons and a secret reason:

Facebook’s algorithms focuses on quality content, and
the fact that declining organic reach means more revenue for Facebook
Then we discussed the three things you can do immediately to see greater organic reach on your Facebook posts:

post native video,
post more frequently without compromising quality, and
to have your followers add you as a Favorite
And lastly, we discussed three things you should avoid that negatively hurt your organic reach:

posting content that has been posted by others repeatedly, and
spammy links
That’s all for now!

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The sudden arrival of the COVID — 19 pandemic blindsided most of the world, a world where in person OR face-to-face communication was a usual and essential part of everyday life. Uninvited and without warning, just like a party crasher, it broke the whole system and changed everything. Businesses that previously based all their operations and services on physical accessibility through things such as trade shows, business fair’s, in person meeting’s, faced a new challenge; to adapt or close.


The old and trusted lines of communications now either completely cut off, or vastly reformed, many businesses looked for new, COVID- oriented ways to reach their audiences and loyal customers. Almost overnight, many businesses that had never considered stepping foot into the realm of digital marketing, now jostled to launch various e-commerce channels, creating social media campaigns establishing their presence on the online market by building essential and comprehensive websites that helped engage and raw in their prospective audiences.

With the flood of new audiences, consumers as well as businesses, in the digital sphere, brands are battling heavily for consumer attention and its retention, even if a direct sale isn’t offered. In order to cut through all the distracting chatter and stand out from competitors, a multifaceted and extremely innovative and creative digital marketing strategy is KEY.


best digital marketing company in bangalore


Here are a 3 simple yet KEY reasons to turn to digital marketing amidst this pandemic!


    One key reason behind the success of digital marketing is that it is comparatively less expensive and much more result oriented than the most other modes of marketing. The pandemic has taken a toll on the finances of all businesses and no company is entering 2021 unscarred. So, cost-saving channels are an essential and top priority for all businesses.

                                      Digital marketing is profitable because it yields a high ROI (return on investment) and has immensely increased the scope and reach of audiences.  And yet for a modest budget, businesses can get a pulse on the effectiveness of their sales strategies through digital marketing metrics. Marketing strategies and processes can be tweaked to your preferences as well as current underlying situations without a significant setback in budget.  


    Another key reason behind the importance and helpfulness of digital marketing and why it will not strain the budget in 2021 is that there are multiple aspects and elements to it. Companies will benefit from a whole dignified team of digital marketing professionals because they have a wide repertory of means to attract and keep an audience, such as content marketing, banner creation, e-mail marketing and as we explained earlier, key element social media marketing. So, digital marketing will be benefit a growing business in ways you can’t think of because it packs in multiple modes in one campaign.


                                    Since there is no factual news on when a COVID-19 vaccine will be available for the people, many of us are likely to continue to work from home and most people will be going out much less frequently than before. Millennials and Gen-Z are sure to be spending a large portion of their day engulfed in social media. Now digital marketing is all about how we use exactly that to our businesses advantage. So, instead of billboard advertisements, we as companies will have to promote ourselves on social media and create a buzz on a platform that we know has everyone’s undivided attention and presence.


             Across sectors, companies are relying more and more on social media because it is a super-effective and highly profitable digital marketing strategy in this new day and age. Social media can help draw the attention of prospective customers and successfully manage to convert them to leads. In 2021, social media can find new audiences for businesses to re-engage and re-establish their rapport with their customers from earlier times.


              The importance of digital marketing for businesses becomes evident because digital marketing executives are highly focused and skilled and can figure out the latest social media trends and know how to use those to your advantage and bring you the recognition and sales you deserve. In 2021, Digital marketing analysts can help businesses by keeping track of every new feature and update added to s various Social media platforms, generate ideas to attract customers and help boost and promote posts in a way to appeal to the target audience and thereby grow their business in ways that go beyond one’s thinking.

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How To Optimize Your Blog Posts for SEO

Do yo Think Blogging Really Help SEO?

Yes, it does. That’s the honest answer.

Blogging is delightful for SEO because it promotes a variety of things those are crucial for ranking factors. When you have a blog, which you update periodically with blog posts that are excellent quality and on topics related to your audience, it can cause a huge difference to how your overall website performs within the search engines.

1. Daily Blogging keeps your site fresh and new.

If you are searching something on internet and you realize the site hasn’t been updated in years, you almost certainly lose some trust within the information you are seeing. The company it represents could have gone out of business altogether or the website might be providing information which been completely changed since last update.

Google doesn’t wish to send outdated information to its searchers. Websites that are regularly updated signal to them that the online site is conscious and giving fresh content. Likewise it gives the google spider more reason to index your website more often, holding it.

You’re possibly not finding any reason to renovate your homepage frequently, so a blog may be a more practical tool for including new substance to your website on a regular basis.

2. A blog keeps people on your website for extended . 

Google’s favorite priority is providing the people performing searches with the knowledge they’re trying to find , so they’ll keep returning to use Google again.If anyone does a search clicks on the first link, and suddenly finds the page is useless and soon leaves the site and jumps to the search page — Google algorithm will trigger an issue, i.e. the first result wasn’t as useful as they expected.

On the opposite hand, when someone clicks on a result and stays on the website for a short time , that signals to Google that this website is really very helpful. While Google hasn’t said outright that dwell time, or the time that folks spend on your website once they land thereon , is a ranking factor, they’ve made other statements that make it clear it’s something they concentrate to and impart value to. Someone who involves your website from a blog post that shows up within the search results goes to possess more reason to stay around for a short time and read the entire thing than someone who lands on a page with less text or information.

Digital Marketing Agency

3. Blogging helps to target long-tail keywords.

Many people start out doing SEO eager to aim for the foremost relevant keywords for your business. For example, if you sell camping gear, you would like to point out abreast of page one for the term “camping gear.” While that’s a nice goal, unless you’re the biggest camping gear brand in the country, you’re probably going to have a hard time landing a top spot for that search. SEO is really competitive. The best bet for many brands is to seem for extended , more specific keywords people are checking out that are relevant to the business and check out to rank for those. A company in Bangalore who provides interiors design can use their blog posts to provide information on terms like “best digital marketing company in Bangalore” or “digital marketing company in Bangalore?” These searches don’t attract the maximum amount traffic as “Digital Marketing” does, but they are available from people clearly in your audience .

On the opposite hand, when someone clicks on a result and stays on the website for a short time , that signals to Google that this website is really very helpful. While Google hasn’t said outright that dwell time, or the time that folks spend on your website once they land thereon , is a ranking factor, they’ve made other statements that make it clear it’s something they concentrate to and impart value to. Someone who involves your website from a blog post that shows up within the search results goes to possess more reason to stay around for a short time and read the entire thing than someone who lands on a page with less text or information.

4. Blog are helping you to connect with your audience.

This isn’t an immediate linking factor like links are, but it’s something that significantly contributes to linking factors. When your audience reads a post they love, they’re more likely to share it, drive more traffic thereto, come to your website again to find out more of your contents and in the future sign up for your email list. Once you get many traffic and repeat visitors, that shows Google that people like your website and raises your authority level in their algorithm.
And while that’s pretty great from an SEO perspective, it’s ultimately more important to the success of your website than where you’re within the rankings. People in your audience visiting your website, connecting with it, and becoming regular followers is more valuable than a spot on Google.
A blog could also be an excellent thanking to form those connections and start a continued relationship with the people you’d wish to achieve

man, reading, touchscreen

5. Get more external links from other sites by writing quality blogs

Those internal links are important, but the hardest part of SEO is earning external links. Google spiders are always checking all the contents if your website is trustworthy, then other sites will link back to your website. It’s not impossible to find external links without a blog, but it’s much harder.
When you write a blog, you fill your website with page after page of your valuable information. Any time another website finds your contents are valuable for his readers to communicate, then you can get a direct link from them..

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Why You Will Need Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant

What does a virtual assistant do & why you need them? A virtual assistant provides various services to entrepreneurs or businesses from a remote location. From digital marketing tasks, scheduling appointments and managing events to personal errands. You can make a virtual assistant do almost anything.

1. Better Use of Your Employees Using Virtual Assistant

Say a mid-level or senior-level employee had to choose between these two options: Playing an active role in spearheading growth strategies. Preparing routine reports on a daily basis. What would they choose? Chances are, they’d opt for option #1


It’s more interesting and seems more important. But that doesn’t mean you can neglect these mundane tasks like emails and finances. Your business would crumble without this boring repetitive work. So how do you keep your in-house team happy but still get the mundane tasks done?

With virtual assistants. They can take up most of these mundane tasks that can be done remotely. The result? A full-time employee (especially those you are more senior or talented) can stay focused on more pressing matters that need to be done in-person at your office.

2. Reduced Costs

One of the major reasons why entrepreneurs and businesses outsource work is that it costs less.

Saving Salary Cost
Instead of hiring a full-time employee for a minor job, you could choose to outsource it to someone at an hourly rate. Lower pay isn’t the only way you can save money with virtual professionals, though.

Saving Training Cost
A business owner can also save a lot when it comes to training costs. Usually, companies have to train their in-house team on tasks and duties after they’ve cleared the hiring process. All this costs time and money – that most companies can’t afford. With VAs though, small business owners can hire professionals who already experts in their field. This way, a business owner doesn’t have to waste time and money training them – they can get started right away.

3. Saves Time

Another reason small business owners turn to VAs is that it saves them a LOT of time. We all know that time is money – especially in business. For example, let’s say you are a small business with no HR team. Your employees shouldn’t spend hours posting job advertisements, doing preliminary resume screening, organizing an interview process – all on a hiring process for someone at an entry-level position. Why not skip all this and get a professional to work on specific tasks instead?

With virtual assistants, this is what you’ll get:

You’ll have verified experts that you can hire, They’re time savers as you don’t have to waste time training them as they can stay focused only on tasks you’ve hired them for, they’ll get the work done quicker than someone juggling multiple demands.